Why Cafe Show Vietnam?

Cafe Show was first held in 2002 in Seoul and after many great successes, was recognized as the ‘Asia’s No.1 Coffee Event’. With the success in Seoul, Cafe Show began to expand internationally in 2013 and achieved unexpected successes in the international markets.

Besides the success of the Cafe Show Seoul brand, Cafe Show Paris and Cafe Show Vietnam are a series of exhibitions about the food and beverage industry, which is one of the reasons for international and domestic businesses to participate. Cafe Show Vietnam, a potential market for the F&B industry in the world.

Café is the French word for coffee and bake in the food and beverage industry. Cafe Show Vietnam is an international F&B industry exhibition with a diverse ecosystem not only about coffee (coffee) but also about tea, cakes, food ingredients, beverages, packaging, franchise system , retail system, kitchen equipment used in chain stores, restaurants, hotels & resorts, services, technology and utility payment solutions,…

Cafe Show was launched in 2002 in Seoul and has steadily grown to establish a firm foothold in Korea and Asia coffee market since then. Seoul Int’l Cafe Show is now well known as the biggest scale among the specialized coffee events in Asia region and gaining the reputation as ‘Asia No.1 coffee event’.

Also featured in Seoul Int’l Cafe Show is World Coffee Leaders Forum(WCLF), which aims to share the knowledge and ideas of current coffee industry. As sharing invaluable insight of global coffee celebrities through WCLF, Cafe Show is indubitably becoming the World’s top trade show which leads the present and even the future of global coffee industry.

Especially in 2017, Seoul Int’l Cafe Show had an honor to host the World Barista Championship(WBC) that gathering world’s coffee lovers as well as 60 national representative baristas all together. 

Cafe Show Vietnam has been asserting the brand name of Cafe Show Vietnam International Exhibition for the past 7 years with the love, support, trust and long-term cooperation of customers. In the coming years, Cafe show Vietnam will continue to grow strongly and bring new breezes and special events to the leading food and beverage exhibition industry in Vietnam.

In order to create a professional playground, improve skills and find the best Vietnamese bartenders who have the opportunity to learn and try in the international arena, Cafe Show has organized 2 competitions. The exclusive national blends in Vietnam are Vietnam National Latte Art Championship (VNLC) and Vietnam National Barista Championship (VNBC), certified by World Coffee Events (WCE), under the World Association of Specialty Coffee – Specialty Coffee Association (SCA).

These are the only two official competitions in Vietnam with the Champion being the representative of Vietnam to compete in the World Latte Art Championship (WLAC) and World Barista Championship (WBC) arenas held every year and the champion. The National Round will be covered by organizer for the cost of going to the World tournament.

 – Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth is expected to accelerate at 6.7% in 2018, reach 208.1 billion Euro in value. With this growth rate, Vietnam remains one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. The solid increase pace is foreseen to continue until 2020, to reach 248.8 billion Euro.


-It is also reported by International Coffee Organization(ICO) that during four-year period from 2012/13 to 2015/16 crop year the compound average growth rate(CAGR) of Vietnam’s coffee consumption was estimated at 8 percent, which was the third highest rate among coffee exporting/importing countries following Turkey(10.4%) and Philippines(8.9%).


-The increase of Vietnamese demand on coffee is affecting the retail market as well. During 2012-2016, Vietnam was ranked at 4th place among the world’s fastest growing coffee retail markets.

– Euro Monitor expects retail sales of coffee to grow a further 6.5 per cent a year until 2022.


-The number of coffee shops in Vietnam was predicted to increase to around 14,000 stores in 2022 that may cause competitiveness for both present chains and new enters.


– 50% of Vietnamese people consume coffee regularly, which was higher than the figure of any other beverages, according to Statista. This means, in return, Vietnamese’ regular coffee consumption stimulated their demand for quality coffee, and the surge of specialty cafe derived from it.

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– Among ASEAN countries, Vietnam is EU’s second biggest trade partner, largest exporter of goods.

-The FTA is expected to help increase Vietnam’s GDP by 4.6 percent and its exports to the EU by 42.7 percent by 2025. While the European Commission has forecast the EU’s GDP to increase by US$29.5 billion by 2035.

– Expected changes:

+ Transparency and effectiveness of customs procedures

+ Tariff elimination: 65% of the value of EU exports will be removed since the FTA entered into force in August 2020, with the remaining tariffs being phased out over the next decade.

++ Dairy products after 5 years

++ Wine and spirit: after 7 years

– Learn more about Guide to the EU – Vietnam: https://eeas.europa.eu/sites/eeas/files/eu_fta_guide_final.pdf