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Why Cafe Show?

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 Cafe Show, Asia No.1 Coffee Event


Cafe Show was launched in 2002 in Seoul and has steadily grown to establish a firm foothold in Korea and Asia coffee market since then. Seoul Int'l Cafe Show is now attended by 580 exhibitors from 40 countries and 151,000 visitors from 76 countries and boasts the biggest scale among the specialized coffee events in Asia region. Cafe Show is now being held in Ho Chi Minh, Beijing and Shanghai as well as Seoul and gaining the reputation as 'Asia No.1 coffee event'.
Also featured in Seoul Int'l Cafe Show is World Coffee Leaders Forum(WCLF), which aims to share the knowledge and ideas of current coffee industry. As sharing invaluable insight of global coffee celebrities through WCLF, Cafe Show is indubitably becoming the World's top trade show which leads the present and even the future of global coffee industry.


Especially in 2017, Seoul Int'l Cafe Show is hosting World Barista Championship(WBC) and going to gather world's coffee lovers as well as 60 national representative baristas all together. This is a truly meaningful achievement to whole Asia coffee industry, not only to Cafe Show themselves or Korea alone, since it has been 10 years since WBC was held in Asia in Tokyo, Japan for the first and last time. As a host of WBC 2017, Seoul Cafe Show will try their best to promote the interaction between advanced coffee cultures by gathering them up and make a firm development of global cafe industry. 



 Why Vietnam?


Other than the excellence of Cafe Show brand, one of the main reasons for global coffee businesses to participate in Cafe Show Vietnam is from the potential of Vietnam coffee consumption market.


1. Steady growth of coffee consumption

- Real gross domestic product (GDP) growth is expected to accelerate at 6.7% in 2018, reaching €208.1 billion in value. With this growth rate, Vietnam remains one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia. The solid increase pace is foreseen to continue until 2020, to reach €248.8 billion.

- It is also reported by International Coffee Organization(ICO) that during four-year period from 2012/13 to 2015/16 crop year the compound average growth rate(CAGR) of Vietnam's coffee consumption was estimated at 8 percent, which was the third highest rate among coffee exporting/importing countries following Turkey(10.4%) and Philippines(8.9%).

- The increase of Vietnamese demand on coffee is affecting the retail market as well. During 2012-2016, Vietnam was ranked at 4th place among the world's fastest growing coffee retail markets.


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2. Vietnamese coffee consumption habit getting 'more modern'

- During 2012-2014, the number of specialty cafes in Vietnam increased by 4% annually, which indicates the increase of Vietnamese' income level and their growing demand on higher quality & western style coffee.

- Statista also reported that over 50% of Vietnamese people consume coffee regularly, which was higher than the figure of any other beverages. 

- This means, in return, Vietnamese' regular coffee consumption stimulated their demand for quality coffee, and the surge of specialty cafe derived from it.



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 A Perfect Choice for Your Business, Cafe Show Vietnam


1. Vietnam's One & Only Professional Coffee Event

- The First trade fair focusing on coffee, beverage & dessert ever held in Vietnam

- Over 85% professional visitors looking for new business opportunity


2. Exclusive Business Network of Cafe Show Brand

- Easier approach to Asia's major coffee markets through Cafe Show brand network

- Extensive database on relevant industries accumulated from the long history of event & brand expansion


3. Close Cooperation with the Industry

- Huge contribution from the local & international coffee experts for Vietnam National Barista Championship, the only barista competition sanctioned by World Coffee Events in Vietnam

- Various on/offline promotion programs for exhibitors to get closer to local consumers