Vietnam Int’l Cafeshow
Vietnam Int’l Cafeshow

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 Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is the place to share the ideas of coffee people in Cafe Show.
The speakers share their ideas about the Experience for Startups, World Barista Champions, Coffee cultivating & processing with audiences.

 Coffee Training Station

At Coffee Training Station, visitors can have brewing and cupping challenge as well as lectures from professional baristas. Each lesson lasts 2 hours and the level ranged from elementary to advanced so every visitor can actually involve in and deepen their knowledge on coffee. By handling various expert coffee tools themselves, visitors could get 'a joy of being professional' as well! 

 Cherry's Choice - New & Hot


Coffee cherry chooses the best items for the best coffee taste! Cherry’s Choice, named after another name of coffee berry, ‘cherry’, is a place for the highlighted exhibit items of the year. Cherry’s Choice is another promotion opportunity for Cafe Show exhibitors, as well as a place to take a glance at this year’s market trend for visitors. 

 Sweet Class


As an event covering all-round Cafe industry, Cafe Show Vietnam also introduces the current trend of 'sweet things'. At Sweet Class, trendy recipes for dessert, bakery and beverage using various syrups are demonstrated. Even if you like beverage and sweets rather than coffee, you can still find your pleasure at Cafe Show Vietnam.