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Subject [ASEAN Briefing] Investing in ASEAN’s Tea Industry
Writer CafeShow Secretariat Date 2019.03.01

ASEAN-Briefing-Investment in ASEANs Tea Industry (002)

The ASEAN region’s warm climate and fertile soil is suitable for tea cultivation. The consumer market is also regarded stable which makes the region’s domestic tea sector equally important. Investments in ASEAN’s tea industry remain positive. In this article, we look at the prospects for the tea industry in Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia.


Black tea consumption in Vietnam is expected to grow by 2 percent, according to the world report on the tea outlook for 2027. On the other hand, production of green tea is also projected to substantially increase with an annual average growth of 6.8 percent despite the ongoing challenges on quality, affecting the price and export earnings of the country.

Asia’s export of black tea shows a negative growth in recent years except for Vietnam. At the same time, Vietnam’s export volume of green tea is projected to grow by 9 percent, more than double the expected growth rate of China which currently dominates the tea market.

However, there has been a decline of 11 percent in volume or 61,530 tons in Vietnam’s overall exports of tea in mid-July of 2018 due to poor quality and intense competition brought about by international integration. According to the Vietnam Tea Association, the country can solve this problem by processing higher quality of teas that will lead to higher sales prices and earnings for tea farmers.

Pakistan remains the largest tea consumption market forVietnam. In 2017, its import of tea accounted for US.88 million or 28 percent of its total coffee, tea or spice imports. Vietnam’s export to Pakistan in 2016 reached 57 percent or US.6 million worth of its total coffee, tea or spice exports.


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