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Coffee t&i


Starts from Thailand in 2007, Coffee t&i Magazine(CTI) is now in 4 languages: Thai, English, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
CTI focuses on the coffee, tea and ice cream developments, especially on coffee market in Asia and coffee information integration. 
CTI covers over 10 countries and regions in Asia with international version, and distributes in more than 92 cities in China for the Chinese version. It is a influential magazine in Asia coffee industry.  |  @CoffeeMagazine


Perfect Daily Grind

Perfect Daily Grind’s dedication to providing real-life editorial content, paired with a deep understanding of digital marketing, 
has established it as a must-read daily resource for anyone with a professional or passing interest in the world of specialty coffee.

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Every Day Happy!
COFFEE TV is a platform where all coffee-related contents are gathered.  |


Monthly Coffee Magazine 

First published in 2001, Monthly Magazine Coffee is Korea’s first magazine that specializes in coffee. 
It deals with various contents, including coffee, tea, and dessert, as well as the cafe industry.  |  @monthlycoffee

Coffee & Cocoa International

C&CI has been giving unparalleled service to the coffee and cocoa industries since 1974. From production to consumption, its concise and unbiased reporting is recognised by decision makers worldwide. C&CI also publishes updates on the latest developments in the coffee and cocoa industries on its website ( and has a weekly newsletter.  | @coffeecocoainternational


With two leading publications and 5 dynamic award schemes, FoodBev Media  provides everything our audience needs to stay on top of the latest news, views, trends and innovations across the whole of the food and beverage industry. Learn how you can stay in-the-know in your sector today:

FoodBev Refreshment Managzine

Refreshment focuses on the water coolers, office coffee services and vending sectors. Subscribe today for the latest news, views and actionable insights from across the bottled water and drinks, hydration and wellness sectors:

Asiawide Franchise

Asia  Franchise  &    magazine  that  is  very  popular  in  Asia  since March 1994. We  are  also  the  most  active  consulting company in Asia as we participate in over 30 franchise-related shows in Asia every year..Business 

Ho Chi Minh City is a dynamic city, energetic and colorful. 
Oi goes further than anyone else to reflect the distinct voice, character and spirit of those who proudly call Vietnam home. | @Oi_Vietnam

Ca Phe Magazine 
It can be an untold story.It also be a moment in life.The first thing wake up at dawn.Or something understand us.
With enough coffee we feel as though all things are possible.Many of them are highly unlikely, but they are possible.
Coffee be along with the world, coffee AWAKE WITH THE WORLD, that's the main reason why we are here with you.#Awakewiththeworld
- Coffee. - | @caphe.magazine | @wearesaigoneer

Established in 2002, Oriental Media & Event Company Ltd contributes to bringing luxury in all its forms to Vietnam, from fashion trends to designer lifestyle brands. In 2004, Oriental successfully created a niche in the media market by by creating the first line-up of real and true Vietnamese luxury publications. Oriental publications cover a wide range of areas such as high-end real estate, high-end watches, dining and relaxation venues, resorts, spas, fashion shops.

With accurate and in-depth content combined with attractive images, Oriental has established itself as the platform for luxury brands and services in Vietnam. As Vietnam’s market continues to look outside the country to satisfy its desires, we will be there. | 

ExportHub aims at providing unmatched services to buyers and supplier for expanding their worldwide business potential.
We value our customers and go an extra-mile to provide high-quality service experience. We are proud to partner with global brands.
We will be glad to hear from you and join hands to work together.|

2018 World Cafe Expo Shanghai (Cafeex) is organized from 6~8 December, 2019 at 
Shanghai New International Expo Exhibition & Convention Center (SNIEC) in Shanghai.

China VMF 

The China Int'l Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair opens from 25~27/2/2019, at China Export & Import Fair Complex, China.


Coffee Bi
CoffeeBI is an independent business intelligence boutique specialising in the coffee industry (coffee and machinery, Ho.Re.Ca., Vending, etc.). 
Being specialised means having a deep knowledge of markets, its segments, niches and micro niches, and giving data with a high level of accuracy. | @coffeebi_official